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To ruin the reputation of a competitor and cause losses, internet companies like google allegedly like to falsely claim that managing a network of websites is a simple task, which any inexperienced lazy greedy fraud young woman can do. In reality managing a website network of more than 100 websites can be extremely time consuming and the website owner has to make great sacrifices like working on weekends, holidays, late at night, early in the morning, when google sponsored frauds are usually sleeping or enjoying themselves in nightclubs and elsewhere.

The most complex aspect of managing a website network remains ensuring that the websites are always accessible. While most webhosting providers are promising 99.9% uptime,in reality maintaining the uptime can be a major challenge for webhosting companies,especially those with a limited number of webhosting servers. So when domain investors who are victims of fraud by large corporates and powerful officials try to develop their websites, they often find it difficult to locate a reliable webhost, since the powerful officials will attack the webhosting company to take down the website, wasting tax payer money in the process.

The problem is worst in the indian internet sector, where allegedly 8-10 lazy greedy mediocre fraud google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI/intelligence agency employees are falsely claiming to own the investment and have the resume of India's largest female domain investor, a single woman obc engineer, to get a monthly salary from the indian government though they have never done any work online and are least interested in doing any work online . Though these fraud intelligence employees are not spending any money on domain names, because of the extreme prejudice of intelligence and security agency officials against single non brahmin women, they are getting away with their fraud and getting a monthly salary.

Usually a domain investor will get support from the local officials in their country, however in India, large corporates like tata, google, control the indian intelligence agencies especially NTRO. So if tata, google will order these officials to commit corporate espionage or hack the websites of a small online business owner , these ntro officials will blindly obey the tata, google orders as the ntro officials are compensated well, and their victim will find it difficult to get any kind of justice. Hence the domain investor will have to develop a fool proof method of managing websites and maintaining uptime.

One of the best ways to ensure up time is to use cloud webhosting. However while it is economical to use conventional cloud webhosting for ecommerce websites where profit margins are relatively high, and a lot of money is being spent on advertising, many pure content websites, which are monetized using seo advertising cannot afford to purchase conventional cloud webhosting. The profit margins for seo or text link advertising remain extremely low, so the webmaster has to be innovative while creating a webhosting cloud.

while there is little a webmaster can do to avoid corporate espionage, except publicizing the hacking and espionage, there are some tips for keeping the websites and webhosting more secure. Though NTRO officials are quick to criticize domain investors for not working in offices, when the domain investor will actually hire a office, they are ruthless in hacking the websites, directly or indirectly injecting a large amount of malware in all the websites. It can take a very long time to clear up the malware mess for the websites, in many cases, the webhosting account will have to be closed . Transferring the files from one webhosting company to another will not solve the problem as the hackers have modified many files, which can be difficult to identify

Another problem faced is the hacking by large corporates and their associates is that they tend to target a domain investor when the investor use the internet for a longer period of time, especially during the day and use a fixed IP address. So to keep the websites secure, it is advisable to minimize the time spent online,avoid using the internet during the day, when most of the hackers are active and use an FTP client to update websites.

Any organization which sells low cost webhosting, can help end the daily human rights abuses on harmless civilians especially the victim of the human cloning experiment, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to info@webconcepts.in
Suppliers of radiation detection, shielding products interested in a free listing and review of their website can send an email to info@webconcepts.in. The website is currently under construction, domain for sale, to anyone interested. Allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian government is wasting $18000 monthly for the last 6 years to deny opportunities, reduce the the income of a harmless indian citizen, in an indication of the endless atrocities of the cruel animal like indian intelligence and security agencies

The following lazy greedy fraud R&AW/CBI/government employees goan gsb diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc obc bhandari sex bribe giver sunaina, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, brahmin fraud housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar,housewife naina, veena, ruchika, asmita patel, allegedly sponsored by Google, tata, paypal, who have allegedly got permanent jobs in r&AW for their section 420 cheating, corporate espionage, lies and sex bribes to top officials are not associated with the website in any way at all, though the shameless top officials in the indian internet sector continue to waste infinite indian tax payer money to spread complete lies that these sluts, housewives and cheaters own the domain names. None of the lazy greedy sluts and cheaters want to spend a single paisa on domain names, then why do top officials falsely claim that the sluts and cheaters like riddhi siddhi, sunaina, asmita patel and others own the domain names?
The greedy good looking GSB cheater riddhi siddhi's powerful fraud friends and relatives specialize in defaming webmasters,domain investors so that the mediocre lazy greed gsb women in goa get great powers for doing nothing at all. Like all frauds these pampered cheater women and their powerful friends and relatives will never justify their lies openly. Any R&AW, CBI, NTRO officials how can help the domain investor to recover the Rs 1.1 lakh looted by R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar will be appreciated

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