Most indians do not know much about domains, webhosting

Some ntro officials are ruthless in defaming, exploiting domain investors and ignore the fact that most indians do not know much about domains and webhosting, and also are not likely to have any information in future also . There is very less money to be made online in india in 2017, unless a person is well connected, in other fields a person with the same skills, effort, work ethic, experience, is likely to make far more money
Ads on website related services are getting less than 5 views on indian classified websites, while plant related ads are getting 100 page views and many leads
Yet the shameless fraud google, tata, ntro employees continue to shamelessly defame, cheat, exploit and torture harmless indian domain investors, accusing them of cheating others, making fake allegations without any proof at all and falsely claim and falsely claim that goan sex workers like slim goan obc bhandari slut sunaina chodan,2013 bsc who only knows to have SEX with ntro employees are online experts, domain investors, to get sex workers, frauds R&AW/CBI jobs a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor