Fraud NTRO employee parmar blocking webhosting transfer for exposing his semi literate cbi employee premika housewife naina

For a female domain investor spending a lot of time and money on domain names, it is very unfair that the corrupt fraud indian government falsely claims that the semi literate eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who has not operated a computer in her life or invested any money online owns her websites, domain names to pay the semi literate housewife naina, a monthly R&AW salary only because naina is the premika, girlfriend of the fraud ntro employee powerful parmar,
So to ensure that people are not duped by fraud powerful parmar, parmar premika naina and their associates , the real domain investor is forced to mention the fact that naina is only the parmar premika, she is not paying any money for the websites or doing any work. However fraud powerful parmar was upset when his premika cbi employee naina was exposed as she does not spend any money on domain names or control the websites.
So when the domain investor is moving the domain names away, he has blocked the transfer of webhosting, misguiding the webhosting company that his girlfriend owned the domains, webhosting, though the fraud parmar, and parmar premika naina cannot provide any financial records that they are paying for domain names, webhosting