Many blogs are not updated for years

NTRO has been relentlessly hounding and stalking a google competitor since 2010, making fake claims about her mental health, because she is not able to update the wordpress blogs regularly . However there are a large number of blogs which are not updated regularly due to a variety of reasons.
An example of a blog which has not been updated for nearly two years is “Life is a Fairytale” by Namitha Kashyap, which was last updated on October 9, 2015. The whois details of the domain show that the owner of the blog remains the same, however there are no posts on the blog since october 2015. The blog owner either does not have the time or lacks the motivation to update the blog, it is no reflection on her mental status
This is clearly indicates the google competitor is openly discriminated against and hounded by ntro, cbi employees who are looking for flimsy excuses to hound, stalk and torture her.