For $0,1, Rs 5 a month, installing and maintaining a wordpress blog is not feasible

The greedy corrupt NTRO employees are ruthless in harassing domain investors who install wordpress blogs, falsely accusing them of being mentally unsound so that they can enjoy free sex with google, tata supplied goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, get bribes, when they are only investors trying to get good returns on the large amount they are paying annually to domain registrars,webhosting companies
Most ad networks are not able to guarantee any ad sales on the wordpress blog, the blogs are hacked repeatedly and the content is all lost, wasting the time of the website owner. The only ad network is offering $0.1 per month for a wordpress blog after posting hundreds of ads on the blog,
On the other hand, for static websites, the content is usually not lost, and they are simple, so hackers do not target them.
Unlike other domain investors who are helped by their country’s intelligence agencies, some indian domain investors do not get any help from ntro employees who will do any thing for money, sex so installing and maintaining most wordpress blogs is a loss making business