Agnel polytechnic downtime exposes skills fraud of the goan government

Though the fraud arrogant bribe taking ntro, google, tata employees falsely claim that managing websites is a very simple task, which even a school dropout like google,tata sponsored eighth standard pass cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who has never operated a computer can do , in reality managing even one website requires a lot of skills and experience, which are obtained only after investing a lot of time and money.

Father agnel polytechnic is one of the more reputed college in goa , with a large number of students, However on 20 May 2018, their website is now down for 10 days, as they either do not have the skills to manage the website, or their webmaster is creating problems. This again highlights the extent of the indian, goan government, ntro, sex, bribery racket, when they are refusing to acknowledge the skills and experience of the google competitor,domain investor and engineer who is managing and owning a very large number of websites, 300+ all alone.

Instead in a clear indication of the extreme dishonesty, endless frauds of the goan and indian government, ntro,raw, cbi are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy google,tata supplied goan prostitutes slim bhandari sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, 2012 goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, school dropout naina and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time, money online, do not have the skills, are managing this website when these lazy fraud women are not connected with this or other websites in any way

NTRO employees falsely claiming that google,tata supplied goan prostitutes, frauds are doing website maintenance

On May 10, 2018, the website of Father Agnel Polytechnic is giving the following message

This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

One of the greatest frauds of the indian and goan government, google, tata, ntro is how they are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy google, tata supplied goan R&AW/cbi employees PROSTITUTES bhandari slim sunaina chodan 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud 2012 diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar and other frauds who have never spent any time and money online, are online experts,. domain investors to pay all these sex workers, frauds a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, a google competitor

The indian and goan government is extremely dishonest fraud government refusing to acknowledge the skills, experience, time and money invested by the google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, defaming and humiliating her repeatedly as a person with no skills, doing no work, when the 10 google, tata sponsored PROSTITUTE, FRAUD raw/cbi employees have no online skills, work experience

Managing more than 300 websites including blogs requires some skills, even government agencies NTRO, NIC with a large number of employees, cannot maintain indian government websites , they are down for a large periods of time as reported in the indian mainstream media . Even the websites of a reputed college like Agnel Polytechnic, Verna is down on May 10, 2018, because the webmasters in charge of the Father Agnel website who are not very competent and efficient. One of the indicators of the efficiency of a webmaster is ensuring uptime of the website.

On the other hand, the google competitor, engineer, domain investor is managing all her 300+ websites alone for more than 10 years, with very less downtime, yet in a very great fraud, R&AW, CBI, NTRO, indian and goan government refuses to acknowledge her skills, experience, competence in managing a large number of websites, falsely associating lazy greedy goan sex workers, frauds, with her to deny her the income and opportunities she deserved

DDOS attack on google competitor – Hosting account resources exceeded

Hosting account resources exceeded

Dear Reseller,
Following accounts experienced issues in the past 12 hours

Username Domain Name CPU Limit, % CPU Faults VMem Limit, KB VMem Faults PMem Limit, KB PMem Faults EP Limit EP Faults NPROC Limit NPROC Faults IO Limit, KB/s IO Faults IOPS Limit IOPS Faults
***** ***** — 100.0 0 0 0 1048576 0 20.0 0 100.0 0 1024.0 1 1024.0 0

Your Friendly Web Hosting Support Team

Daytime torture in panaji, makes it difficult to develop websites

The fraud ntro employees are quick to criticize the google competitor for not developing websites, however due to radiation torture during the day , the google competitor is not able to do any work on the laptop.
The ntro employees are closely monitoring the laptop and if they find that any word is typed, they will immediately increase radiation levels to cause very great pain, headache .
In the first few days of december 2017, the google competitor was again tortured causing so much pain, that she immediately left the area.

NTRO employees using packet sniffers or keystroke loggers to steal webhosting passwords of google competitor

Instead of national security the real reason why ntro employees are monitoring the google competitor is that they wish to steal the passwords, hack the webhosting account of the google competitor, so that they can enjoy free sex, get money bribes directly or as jobs for their relatives
The google competitor was extremely surprised when a webhosting account was hacked to create a phishing page in April 2018 as she has not created the subdomain, there is no one she has authorized to access the website and the password is fairly complex.
The password is also not stored on the laptop, it is only handwritten
So it appears that NTRO employees are using packet sniffers or keystroke loggers to steal webhosting passwords of google competitor

Indian Webhosting company asking for ” IP address of your bank network “

Find or list anything quadcopters in the Drone Directory anywhere in the world.

Indian paypal account holders should avoid using indian webhosting companies because they are extremely unprofessional, filing fake cases and greedy believing in the complete lies of NTRO, cbi, raw employees who falsely claim that google, tata supplied prostitutes, frauds own the paypal account of the real paypal account holder to get the sex workers, lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with fake resume, fake investment, fake online work

For example a domain investor, google competitor and engineer installed a wordpress blog on an indian webhosting account and could not post remotely because of some server setting error. However instead of dealing with the problem professionally the webhosting company is asking for the ” the IP address of your bank network”

It appears that the google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud cbi employee extortionist riddhi nayak who looks like actress kangana ranaut who is faking a btech 1993 ee degree to get a monthly CBi salary and her associates are asking indian webhosting companies to file fake cases against the google competitor to extort money, leave her bankrupt so that they can steal her resume, investment.

Selfish cheater ntro employees hoped that their webhosting fraud was not exposed

Though the google, tata sponsored indore document robber R&AW employee cheater bespectacled housewife veena had never spent a single paisa or penny on webhosting and domain names, the selfish cheater ntro employees led by the brahmin fraud puneet, had got her a lucrative R&AW job with monthly salary, falsely claiming that the indore fraud housewife owned the websites, domains, had the experience, skills of her relative, the google competitor, whose documents the indore fraud veena had stolen.

Initially the cunning fraud puneet was spreading false rumors that the google competitor from 2010 would get some lucrative assignment if she kept quiet and allowed the indore fraud to get credit for money she did not spend, work she did not do. However in 2018, it is clear that the ntro employee puneet is a selfish greedy shameless cheater and was faking his relationship with the google competitor, who has exposed the banking fraud of the ntro, google, tata employees defaming, cheating and exploiting her.

So when an old webhosting account was to be renewed in April 2018, the amount being charged was much higher. When the google competitor questioned, the amount due was reset to zero. Only after a third reminder was sent, the correct invoice was created, as the ntro employees tried to cover up their webhosting fraud hacking the WMHCS, of the webhosting company.

NTRO not allowing user to create sbi card account

In panaji, goa, NTRO is hacking the SBI card website, so that a sbi card holder cannot create an account, she is getting the message, session expired after entering all the card details. The sbi card holder is creating the account, so that she can redeem the reward points. However the ntro employees do not want the engineer and domain investor to redeem the reward points as their sex, bribery racket, financial fraud since 2010 will be exposed .

Despite wasting an hour, it is not possible to register for a sbi online credit card as ntro is allegedly hacking the sbi website on 27 March 2018, The ntro employees led by the brahmin fraud j srinivasan are falsely claiming that the sbi credit card of a single woman bhandari engineer, domain investor belongs to the google, tata supplied lazy greedy slim goan bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc with whom the ntro employees have regular sex with.

Any tips to end the hacking of the SBI card website will be greatly appreciated

For $0,1, Rs 5 a month, installing and maintaining a wordpress blog is not feasible

The greedy corrupt NTRO employees are ruthless in harassing domain investors who install wordpress blogs, falsely accusing them of being mentally unsound so that they can enjoy free sex with google, tata supplied goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, get bribes, when they are only investors trying to get good returns on the large amount they are paying annually to domain registrars,webhosting companies
Most ad networks are not able to guarantee any ad sales on the wordpress blog, the blogs are hacked repeatedly and the content is all lost, wasting the time of the website owner. The only ad network is offering $0.1 per month for a wordpress blog after posting hundreds of ads on the blog,
On the other hand, for static websites, the content is usually not lost, and they are simple, so hackers do not target them.
Unlike other domain investors who are helped by their country’s intelligence agencies, some indian domain investors do not get any help from ntro employees who will do any thing for money, sex so installing and maintaining most wordpress blogs is a loss making business

Hosting attacked to cause losses

It appears that allegedly google, tata are monitoring all paypal payment so that they can attack the webhosting company, to cause downtime and financial losses. The cunning tata employees want to ensure that no advertising is sold on the websites , so they are hacking the webhosting and ensuring that the ads are not displayed.

If the webmaster does not change the hosting immediately, there are also deindexation problems clearly indicating that the surveillance is misused to cause financial losses.