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NTRO hacks Microsoft edge browser so that ad code cannot be pasted

For most of the websites using an ad network, the ad code has to pasted on the php page, so that the ad will be displayed automatically if the website is selected by the advertiser.
However, ntro, tata are so ruthless in hacking the browsers of the laptop of the domain investor for exposing their BANKING, ONLINE, COMPUTER WORK fraud since 2010 , that the domain investor is unable to copy paste anycode on a wordpress template file.
The domain investor wishes to paste the code at the end of the index.php file, yet ntro/tata are hacking the microsoft edge browser so that the code is being pasted anywhere in the file. If she saves the modified file, the template will not work.
This is another example of how the well paid ntro, tata employees are wasting the time of the domain investor misusing the million dollar ntro equipment.