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New York Webhosting for websites exposing Thane STOCK BROKER FRAUD RAW employee asmita patel’s ICANN, FINANCIAL FRAUD again hacked

Thane STOCK BROKER FRAUD RAW employee asmita patel has HONEYTRAPPED top indian internet sector officials to make Rs 70 lakh profit since they falsely claim that the fraud asmita who does not spend any money on domains, owns the domains of a single woman domain investor spending Rs 5 lakh annually on domains, to get the cheater asmita a monthly raw salary, totalling to Rs 10 lakh annually.
This racket has continued for the last 7 years, and the real domain investor is cheated of Rs 70 lakh since 2013. When the real domain investor is exposing the FINANCIAL, ICANN FRAUD of asmita patel, the webhosting is hacked or down
This clearly shows how aggressive asmita patel is in covering up her FINANCIAL FRAUD, she refuses to pay the market price for the domains, yet wants to falsely take credit, get a R&AW salary for making fake claims.