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Criminal defamation of webmasters in goa, could be reason why Verna company cannot get a wordpress developer quickly

A verna company has been advertising in the classified section of navhind times and herald for more than one week for a wordpress developer, digital marketing expert.
This exposes the goa government skills fraud, refusing to acknowledge the skills of webmasters who are installing and managing a large number of wordpress blogs including this one, criminally defaming them as idle, to get monthly salaries, great powers for sindhi scammer school dropouts, goan call girls, cheater, robber housewives and other frauds who have never managed any website anytime in their life.
This criminal defamation of wordpress developers by the intelligence and security agencies, some panaji politicians denying them a life of dignity shows the terrible business conditions in panaji, goa
In mumbai, people will acknowledge that a single woman engineer has much better computer, internet skills than others, only in goa the politicians, greedy government agencies are extremely vicious in criminally defaming, humiliating, cheating and exploiting experienced webmasters, domain investors, refusing to acknowledge their skills.
Anyone wishing to contact the webmaster managing 150+ wordpress blogs alone can contact on