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Some indian webhosting companies are also asking their customers to do KYC

It appears that the endless website, domain ownership frauds of the top government employees in the internet sector, has caused complete chaos in the internet sector.
The domain investor was not receiving monthly invoices from one indian webhosting company
Then she got a notice to complete the KYC for the webhosting account.
Initially the domain investor thought that it was not necessary.
However, the webhosting company said that it would suspend the account, if the KYC was not done
The KYC required the user to take a selfie
Due to the hacking of greedy gujju raw employee amita patel and other raw/cbi employees the microphone, webcam does not work on the desktop.
So the domain investor could not take a selfie on the desktop
She then used a spare laptop from her laptop collection to take the selfie and submit the KYC
After completing the KYC, the domain investor has received the monthly invoice for webhosting.