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Due to great powers given to sindhi scammer raw employee nikhil premchandani, most of the webhosting companies are not providing customer support

Though sindhi scammer raw employee nikhil premchandani, now axe bank manager at pune never opened his own paypal, bank account, did not invest money in domains, and did not do any computer work at all,just because his schooldropout shameless mother cbi employee naina premchandani was the favorite sex service provider of top indian government employees like parmar, tushar parekh, nikhil sha, puneet, like his fraud brother karan, he got a raw job, great powers for faking ownership of the domains, website, paypal , bank account.
though the pune sindhi scammer raw employee nikhil premchandani never paid for any webhosting account, only because his cheater mother has extremely powerful lovers who are completely infatuated with her and controlled by her, the indian government is falsely claiming that the sindhi scammers , who do not spend any money on domains, webhosting, own the domains, webhosting accounts of a single woman engineer, domain investor who the sindhi scammers HATE,CRIMINALLY DEFAME.
nOW the domain investor is finding that she is making great losses because the government fraud of making fake claims about the pune axe bank manager nikhil who has been given great powers based on the lies of sex bribe taking liar top indian government employees LUSTING for naina. In addition to blocking advertising to a great extent, the sindhi scammer raw employee is also asking webhosting companies not to provide support.
First the indonesian company refused to provide support, then haryana, and now punjab webhosting company is also not providing any customer support.